Government Relations Committee

The Government Relations Committee consists of at least nine Chapter members, at least three of which must have AICP certification. At least one member of the Committee must be a municipal planner, another a regional planner, and another a planning consultant. Over the years the Government Relations Committee has established an important and respected presence at the state legislature and is called upon to review pending legislation. The Government Relations Committee works closely with the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities, the Connecticut Bar Association, and other interests to monitor developments and identify opportunities to address CCAPA goals. The Committee also develops and articulates Chapter positions on legislation and other important planning issues.

We rely on the Government Relations Committee to communicate with federal, state, and other agencies regarding land use policy and planning issues important to the State and to the membership.

For more information on the activities of the Government Relations Committee, please view the pages in the Legislative menu.


John Guszkowski, AICP
Government Relations Officer and Committee Co-Chair

Amanda Kennedy, AICP
Government Relations Committee Co-Chair


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