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As of February 1, 2016, CCAPA had a total enrollment of 373 members, categorized as follows: AICP – 188 members; FAICP – 5 members; APA – 134 members; students – 24 members; officials – 20 members; Chapter-only – 2 members.

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The following are the newest members of CCAPA (November 1, 2015 – January 31, 2016):

Added in November

Jeff Cormier, East Hartford
Added in December
Catherine Conniff, West Haven
Laura Hammett, New Haven
Elizabeth Heins, Glastonbury
Anna Stokes, Cheshire
Added in January
Colleen Bezanson, Uncasville
Emily Gordon, Stamford
Benjamin Muller, New Haven
Paige Peltzer, Somerville MA
Joanna Wozniak-Brown, Goshen


Members in the News

Jamie Bratt, formerly the Director of Planning for the Town of Trumbull, has been appointed the Director of Planning and Economic Development for the City of Hartford. She can be reached at 250 Constitution Plaza, 4th Floor, Hartford 06103. Tel #: (860) 757-9040. Email:

NEW! Leslie Creane, AICP, reports that she is currently teaching part-time at the University of Hartford and building her new land use consulting firm, Creane & Co., LLC. Her contact information: Tel. #: (203) 927-6943. Email: Leslie was formerly the Town Planner for the Town of Hamden.

It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Dennis Elpern, AICP, who died this past December, just two months after his retirement as Planning Director for the City of Danbury, a position he held for 27 years. Dennis has been succeeded as Planning Director by Sharon Calitro, AICP, who served as Deputy Planning Director in Danbury for the past nine years. Sharon can be reached at 155 Deer Hill Ave., Danbury 06810. Tel #: (203) 797-4525. Email:

Robert W. Seale is now City Planner and head of the Department of Planning & Enforcement for the City of Meriden, succeeding Dominick Caruso, AICP, who retired from that position this past December after 35 years of service. Robert was formerly the Assistant Town Planner for the Town of Greenwich. His new contact information is: 142 East Main St., Meriden 06450. Tel #: (203) 630-4081. Dominick can now be reached via email at

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Share the big news about your latest career move with your fellow CCAPA members! Contact Alan Weiner at with the particulars (including new job title/address/phone and fax numbers/e-mail address) and we’ll post it here in Membership News for everyone to read about!

Connecting with Our Member Community

connecting to CCAPA on socal mediaCCAPA is all about being social and interacting with the community. Join the discussion. The bigger audience we reach, the more effective we can be. Join us on Facebook and Twitter and share something interesting.

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Connecting with Our Member Community

CCAPA is all about being social and interacting with the community. Join the discussion. The bigger audience we reach, the more effective we can be. Join us on Facebook and Twitter and share something interesting.
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Recall the complaints filed here by me the property owner against the First Selectman of Plainfield last year.

This was that posting:

I am a Taxpayer in the Town of Plainfield,CT. I am finding many irregularities in oversight by Town Officials based on the Rules and Regulations that they are expected to adhere to as it is their responsibility to protect their Citizen and Taxpayers such as:

1). Town Planner had allowed a CT. based Contractor to begin excavation of a major project without performing due diligence on the performance bond the Contractor provided the Town. It turned out that the performance bond in the amount of $240,000 was fraudulent.

The Town Planner then gave the same Contractor ( without the property owners permission or knowledge ) a reduction in the requirement of the bond by $170,000 without any sensible explanation to the property owner. No work was performed for the reduction.

This was followed up by the excavation contractor giving yet another fraudulent performance bond ( $50,000) to the Town.

When that was discovered by the property owner the Town Planner followed up once more by allowing this Contractor to post a$50,000 cash bond. All against the property owners permission.

2). The Town's Head of P & Z allowed the same Contractor to begin excavation without taking out the following required permits:

a). CTDEEP Storm Water permits.
b). CTDOT Encroachment permits.
c). Proof of Insurance.

The same Town Planner/ Surveyor appeared to allow the abutting business to build a structure within 12 inch of the other property owners property line and right against the well head casting.

In further review of the Head of P & Z who is also head of Inland Wetlands I find that his qualifications amount to no more than that he was a registered Surveyor before being placed in this political position.

1). Is this department head not required to have a degree to hold these duel positions?
2). Does that not create a liability for the Town ( and Taxpayers) for not having a qualified employee overseeing these positions?

In closing. The Town Police threatened the property owner with arrest for restricting the Contractor in working on the site when the Contractor found fractured rock was being dropped down on a State roadway from a height of over 40 ft. The State of CTDOT stepped in and stopped the Contractor from excavating within the States encroachment area without a encroachment permit.

The First Selectman and John Penney of the NB slandered the property owner for not paying its property taxes when in fact a $50,000 payment was given to the town and the funds were applied to a total strangers property. The town refused to issue a refund or re appoint this payment to the correct property.

To add insult to injury the town then tried to steal this property by its attempted auction ( Spring 2015) of this property. The property owner was forced to pay the same bill all over again to fight this fight at a later date.


It is the property owners gut feeling that all this turmoil began when the property owner turned down the Co-Chairman of the P& Z Commission offer to purchase the property from him for millions of dollars.

Selectman Paul Sweet of Plainfield who has now been under investigation by the Feds since 9/14 will soon have to answer for his wayward ways once again.

A lawsuit is being filed against the First Selectman and his Head of Planning & Engineering, Lou Soya ( who lacks the credentials as head of P&E as well as Inland Wetlands ) this year by the property owner.

The lawsuit that will be filed by the property owner are for RICO violations, Fraud as well as Inverse Condemnation amount other things. ( no statute of limitations and triple damages).

Depositions have already taken will expose much of the ongoing fraud.

Much info from a previous lawsuit against the contractor by the property owner in Federal Court back in 2013 will also explain a lot in which the property owner won on all counts.

Complaints are now coming in one after another regarding the excavation project across from the Riverview Restaurant in Plainfield by the local taxpayers of Plainfield.

The Citizens of Plainfield will soon see how the First Selectman and his employees jointly worked together to reduce a performance bond ( $220,000 down to $50,000) to cover up fraudulent bonds presented to Lou Soya by the present excavation contractor.

Without the property owners consent or knowledge the property owner also claim the taking" of his titled water rights of the Moosup Pond by the Selectman as well.

As was the case in 2000 when the First Selectman was under investigation ( Inter Royal Mills ) the First Selectman has been under a new investigation by the Feds for the Brunswick Mills which was ordered torn down without permission of the CTDEEP or the EPA by the First Selectman.

The First Selectman has already notified its insurance carrier of the expected lawsuit. It is expected to exceed $10,000,000.
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